For the Love of Vogue!❤

Hey Sylistas!

So, continuing my love for Beauty, Fashion and Art – sharing another recent painting of mine – It’s my version of a vintage Vogue Cover.  I will be framing these soon – to make them into perfect paintings for wall decor, dressing table decor or your office desk decor … and if any one of you would like to buy them – please message me here 🙂

For the love of Vogue!  


This one still needs finishing touches and it’s a normal click from my phone. Picture does not do justice to the actual work of art!


The rough sketch … how it begins always ❤

.#myversionofaVoguecover #Voguecover #Vintage #Vogue#forthelovefashion #fortheloveofpainting #whenfashionmeetsart#foreverlove

Hope you guys like it. Please do share your comments and feedback 😀
Until next time!
SS ❤

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