Lancôme Love ♥♥

Lancôme Love ♥♥ … Don’t we all love makeup? Yes we do !! … We can shout out loud that we absolutely love makeup ! … And for those who follow our blog by now know we absolutely love MAC Cosmetics. I think I have been a MAC lover for centuries now and have tried every single product that MAC has to offer. If you too are a MAC addict too – you could check out our earlier posts here – For all you pink lovers check out – MAC Pink-Love For the love of Mac, Fuchsiapink and Starbucks Coffee and for all you Autumn lovers – The Colours of The Fall 2013 Ever since I have started writing my blog and reading about other makeup brands – I have developed this deep desire of experimenting, exploring and trying out other brands with the current favorites being Lancôme, Bobbi Brown and Chanel !  … I am very particular of the make up brands I use and how do they work on sensitive skin like mine ! … So, I do a lot of testing and trying before I actually buying the final product. {We shall do separate blog post for all} When you think of Lancôme – the 1st thing which comes to my mind is Paris, pink roses and macrons! ♥ {Want to visit Paris again #vacationonmymind}


Now, let’s get down to see what’s the latest stuff in my make up bag … I love experimenting with lip colours, lipsticks, lip glosses  so that’s what I actually purchased.  I got the lipsticks and lip-glosses from Gloss In Love and the Lip Lover range and what could be the obvious choice of colors ? PINKS and CORALS  … What I love about the brand is the makeup is very light and at the same time it’s pretty long-lasting. This is just my initial review of the stuff I have bought … though haven’t tried the entire range.

10527259_739058869499133_446676021960924219_n (1) I love the fact the lipsticks and lip colours are super light and  pretty long-lasting too. They look perfect even without the use of a lip liner …. and glide over so smoothly and get you the perfect pout we all love ! Seriously, what more could you ask for!? Here we go with the names and shades which I am currently loving : To begin with is the lip color – Lancôme Lip Lover – Rose Contre-temps #321 … It’s a lovely pink color, perfect for your day look ! I was looking for something which I could wear to work for a natural look, nothing to overpowering with the right hint of pink color – and this one is just the perfect match ! 10415726_739058862832467_9108684722944200090_n (1) I love the entire Lip Lover range for it’s dewy intense lip color – it gives your lips a brilliant long-last shine with a moisturizing plumping effect! … Something which I always wanted specially when you are rushing to work and trying to make ends meet – this is a must in your make up … You get everything in one go – the irresistible  shine of a gloss, the moisturized effect  of a lip balm and long-lasting intense lip color !

1932360_816981424991997_810599232426726005_n                                                              Picture - Courtesy Lancôme

Amazing Pinks! … I love the entire Lip Lover range ♥♥ … For sure – will be getting more of these.

10418877_824486177574855_8379653532667342135_n                                                          Picture - Courtesy Lancôme

9737_739058556165831_9080898041794419959_n (1)

The next in line is this deep pink lip gloss – Violette Paillette – the Gloss In Love which I actually got free under the promotion at Lancôme! … It was my best choice among other freebies … This one is perfect if you just want that extra shine over your lips … it has more shine and less color so can be worn on any lipstick or lip color.

10411883_739058559499164_8432126109006034863_n (1) Now for the lipsticks – Lancôme L’Absolu Nu Lipstick 107 … it is this lip color which made me fall in love with the Lancôme products and made me try their entire range ! … I had been looking for the perfect coral color which doesn’t look too bright and can be worn at work and give you the gorgeous day look … Girls, this one is super awesome! 🙂  Rouge Corail Fraise 107 is a medium coral lipstick mostly for your nude look … gives you the right hint of orange … specially for us working girls when you can’t wear the bright orange to work. I love absolutely love the packaging in glossy black and gold with the flower design. Love the texture – the fact it is light weight and moisturizing … I just can’t seem to apply lip balms for one reason – paucity of time and then am not a lip balm person. It has the required sheen and also gives you the lip gloss effect and for those who like a little more pigmentation and color – apply with a lip pencil. I suggest MAC Lasting sensation will work with this one. I am so in love this lipstick and it’s here to stay … definitely re-purchase. 1907792_739058549499165_6970382556871201851_n The next in line one is from the Rouge in Love collection – Rose Boudoir #340B … This is the one of the most selling color from the entire collection.  If you are looking for the bright pink with that gorgeous sheen and feels extremely smooth while applying – you should surely try out this one. For me, the moisturizing effect is amazing as it saves me time and I don’t need to use a lip liner … it give your lips a fuller look with the right amount of color. It is has a beautiful coral, bright pink color – which just  brightens up your face instantaneously. The unique thing is that is it feels very creamy when you apply first … but after a couple of hours – it tends to become matte and has the your lips tinted and colored with a natural finish.  If you feel it’s too creamy and too powerful a color – you could press your lips with a tissue to remove the excessive color and moisture out … I do this all the time as I like the after effect with a natural pink color. 9737_739058562832497_1394805969462476742_n (1) The last color I bought finally was this light medium brown and orange color Rouge in Love collection  – Jolis Matins 106M … wasn’t sure of the name of the color – so I had too Google it find out the exact name. I absolutely adore this color – it is this pale orange brown nude color which you could carry it off both with a pink blush for a bright fresh look and nude/coral blush for more nude look.  I love the looks with both blushes and hence this one is a must buy for all you girls out there … Trust me – you wont be disappointed. I don’t really like brown color lipsticks as it tends to make my complexion look darker … so, I was just looking for a shade like this for a very very long time. It will look stunning with smokey eyes and for sure it will work for your day work natural look. 10341682_739058552832498_5290718065346527431_n (1)

Aren’t these gorgeous color ! … Love them both ♥♥


So, here’s the wrap #Sunshinestylsita favorites ♥♥

  • Lancôme Lip Lover – Rose Contre-temps #321 – A day wear pink lip color / gloss #currently obsessed
  • Violette Paillette – the Gloss in Love – Your high on shine lip gloss
  • Lancôme L’Absolu Nu Lipstick 107 – The perfect nude orange
  • Rouge in Love  – Jolis Matins 106M –  Day wear nude
  • Rouge in Love  – Rose Boudoir #340B  – The bright coral pink


We would love to know your favorite Lancôme products, your reviews and your opinions … so excited to try some products specially the foundations and cc creams, So, all your suggestions and feedback is more than welcome. Hope you like our recommendations. For all you Lancôme lovers out there … you could check them out on Facebook – Lancôme  ♥ 37113_748359421902411_2161757159139323790_n

Alice in Wonderland ♥♥… We could stay in here for hours and hours and never get bored !


This is how we sneak out time to do the blog post ! Two of my favourites ♥ #coffee #blogging#wishicoulddomore #toolittletime#makingendsmeet #midnighthours #weekends#coffeelove #starbucks #weekendtodo #mustdo#stylistalove #goodtimesinstyle #fashionista #stylista#sunshinestylista #urdailystylefeed

This is it for now!  Thank you for reading … Wishing you a wonderful weekend and super stylish week ahead!. Stay chic. Stay classy. Always. Until next time ! Love ♥ SS ♥

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