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My love for Hair Oils and my search always continues … Well, a lot of people have asked me about my hair rituals, remedies to control hair fall, dandruff, the products I use etc … and combined to that my love for hair oils – I thought of bringing to you this post ! I wasn’t sure whether to named this post as Kama Love or Hair Love … But I finally went with Kama Love + Hair Love ♥ … Now, whoever knows me personally – knows that I am obsessed with hair oils and I super obsessed with my hair care routine and hair!  {In my recent parlour trip, the hair stylist said “You are the 1st person who wants hair oil to be left in the hair – even post a hair wash … Hehe So mee! } I have a range of hair oils and have to keep trying and changing my hair oils. { That will be next blog post along with my hair care routine }

Well, in today’s day and age – oiling as a concept seems to be alien or has a diminishing effect  – but I swear by it. I have to oil my hair before every shampoo and if I don’t oil my hair – I start feeling guilty … In this post I talk about the different hair oils which Kama Ayurveda has … Kama Ayurveda is an Ayurvedic brand which I really love. I absolutely love the their products, packaging and store ambiance. Once you enter the store –  it’s  got a welcoming with an Indian and English look to it with beautifully mogra flower fragrances all around – you really want to try and buy everything … With this post I bring to the best of Kama Ayurveda oils we love to love ♥♥

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The 1st one on my list is the Kama Ayurveda Extra Virgin Coconut Oil  – This Coconut oil is 100% Organic, Cold pressed is the perfect solution for your hair. I love the fragrance of coconut and it really helps in naturally conditioning and nourishing damaged hair { If you have any } … and even if you don’t it … this pure coconut goodness promises to add that extra shine, nourishment,  and whole lot more to your hair ! … It is an effective overall conditioner and provides lasting moisture just the right tool to fight fizzy and dry hair.  An ideal moisturizer for the body, it makes the skin smooth and even textured. You could use it as a post bath body moisturizer for your skin – I do this pretty often specially I feel dry and flaky skin. It gets absorbed really fast and leaves your skin happy and shinning.


How to use : Hair – Gently massage into scalp. Allow it to work for 30 minutes and then rinse. Body : Massage gently all over the body. Allow it to work for 30 minutes.  It’s priced at Rs. 495 for the 200 ml bottle.  

The next in line is the Kama Ayurveda Organic Sweet Almond Oil … I have to apply different oils every time I oil my hair – so an almond oil is a must and this one my favorites …  Just love this 100% pure, cold pressed with organic almond hair oil. I love the aroma and texture of this oil … it’s light and easy to apply. A head massage with Kama Almond oil nourishes and smooths hair which help control hair fall and adds luster to the hair.  I mostly use it for head massages and sometimes mix it with other hair oils or hair packs. It also nourishes and improves the complexion reviving its natural glow, lightens dark circles apart from other benefits. This one is priced at Rs. 1075/- for the 200 ml bottle. 


Now, let’s talk bout my next hair oil – you must be thinking I kinda bought the entire shop  – well there is more to come ! … My other favorite oil Kama Ayurveda Brigandi Intense Hair Treatment … If you want some intensive treatment for your hair and are looking for an ayurverdic hair oil –  this one is a best option available.  I have been using all these hair oils for more than 06 months now and this one leaves my hair shinier and darker. It really doesn’t smell good – but who really cares when does it wonders to your hair. This hair oil is meant to prevent hair loss, dandruff and premature graying. It is also a natural conditioner for lush hair growth ♥ Priced at Rs. 450/- for 250 ml bottle.


While browsing through the entire range of products – { I had to specially visit the Kama Ayurveda Store at Khan Market to refill my stocks … Shows my love for oils } … I found this lovely pink packed small bottle of  Kama Ayurveda Rose Jasmine Bath & Body Oil … I must say it is an awesome buy that I have got my second bottle of it already ! … I just love this body oil – I love to keep my skin moisturized and smelling good and this oil helps me get both. Knowing the scorching heat outside and Delhi’s hot weather … this oil is light and highly absorbent. It’s a luxurious floral blend of the pure essential oils of Rose & Jasmine and smells divine … stays for long and leave my skin happy all day long  !



A must have !! …  This pink bottle is priced at Rs. 795/- for the 100 ml bottle.





Now the store guys where so happy with my love for Kama products and the fact that I came all the way to Khan to get their stuff –  they gave me this Kama Ayurveda Sonabar Body Cleanser totally complimentary 😀  #Happieme #Loyalcustomerbenefits


Our favorite colours of the season … Pink, Pale Yellow, Mint – which one are you going to buy or love the most ? ♥♥


 The entire range and my shopping ! ♥♥

 Sunshine Stylista Style Notes :

  • If you really want to try some ayurvedic products – you should surely give them a shot ! 
  • The products aren’t too easy on the pockets … but definitely worth it. The prices range from Rs. 500/- to Rs. 1500/-
  • Our favorites are all the oils mentioned in this post – take your pick which suits you the best !
  • For more information you could also check our  their Facebook page here – Kama Ayurveda

Kama Ayurveda has it’s flagship at the upscale Khan Market and the other at DLF Place Saket, New Delhi or if you love online shopping you could visit them online @ www.kamaayurveda.com

Hope this was helpful and if you end up shopping with them or a Kama products loyalist … do share with us pictures of the stuff you bought and your shopping experience !

Thank you for reading … Hope you had a wonderful Sunday and wishing to a super stylish week ahead!

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Until next time !

Love ♥ SS ♥

2 thoughts on “Kama Love + Hair Love ♥

  1. Can you recommend whether these oil can be mixed with other hair oil for massages? can they be mixed with olive oil for a head massage?

    • Hey Pragati, I believe these oils already have the ingredients for the special treatments and requirements, so I would recommend not mixing them with any other oil … You could do what I do at times – Apply any one of the oils first, leave it for 5 – 10 mins and then apply the Olive Oil {or any other oil and vice versa would also do} – Leave it for another 30 mins min / overnight and shampoo. If you do try this – do lemme know if it helps 😀 xx

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