Benefit Beauty ♥

We are pretty much sure that all of you must have heard about Benefit Cosmetics ! …  and ever since our visit to the Sephora outlet at Select City Walk, Saket – New Delhi … we had this huge desire to try them out and after a lot of contemplation and tester trying … finally got the 1st of our Benefit makeup ! … When it comes to make-up, experimenting is really not our cup of tea ! … but sometimes you do get lucky !

So, what I love bout about Benefit makeup  is the fact it is really light on the skin … settles in really fast ! Perfect for daily wear. Gives you an instant nature radiant glow ! A true Mac addict this was a huge step to try out something new … { Like mentioned earlier I am very particular on what stuff to use on my face with the fact being I have extra sensitive skin ! } … To be honest – Benefit Cosmetics were a wonderful surprise.

Here’s what we got ♥


Sugarbomb and Coralista were the two makeup kits I bought … My 1st box was Sugar Bomb and once I was truly satisfied with it … bought Coralista too ! Benefits  cosmetics are kind of high-priced for the India market and somewhat expensive. Their range starts from INR 1500  – INR 2000 per product – be it the lip & cheek stains / mascaras / concealers or foundations. While I was choosing the products wasn’t sure whether should I go for solo products or the makeup kits.  To be on the safe side – I chose the makeup kits priced at INR 2029/-  each.

So, here is what we think – if you are trying them for the 1st time – the makeup kits really help you experience the variety of products and you get a fair idea of the entire range. They have make-up kits for eye makeup, foundations, highlighters, eye brow kits etc. The other good thing is that you can also carry them along in your handbag as the they come in small sizes. Look pretty cute too ! ♥♥  ^_^


Sugarbomb is a natural color … with a very light blushed look. My best find in this box was the benetint lip and cheek stain … it’s super good  ! Perfect, light, pinkish color and really long-lasting cheek stain. You can apply just this on your cheeks for a flushed look or apply the blush on top of it. Haven’t tried it as a lip stain yet.


coralista as the name suggests gives you that lovely coral color ! Absolutely love the chachatint for the heavenly coral flush ♥

1010972_612848925453462_1031132388_nThe sugarbomb blush is the one I like and prefer it has got the matter finish, perfect natural color … coralista blush is shimmery.

423The kits also comes with a tips manual … where you have a step by step tutorial for getting that fresh natural glow ! Pretty helpful


Love the lip glosses ! Both extremely high on shine … Sugarbomb gives you a natural finish and can be applied over any lip color to add-on some shine. Coralista gives you a perfect peachy look ♥


Our other gorgeous find is the high beam highlighter … have tried highlighters before – but this one gives the perfect finish. You get amazing glowing shine …typically you apply this on the slightly above the apple of your cheeks … You could apply also them on your nose and above the eyebrows and forehead ! … just as the way we love to do ! The result is super awesome !


Our new-found favorites … a must have in your makeup kits



Picture Courtesy – Benefits Cosmetics


New found favorites ♥


Here are the Sunshinestylsita favorites :

  • Benetint lip and cheek stain
  • Cha Cha Tint lip and cheek stain
  • High Beam highlighter
  • Sugarbomb blush and lip gloss
  • Coralista lip gloss.

On our Wishlist :

  • Posietint … The lovely pink lip and cheek stain
  • Girl meet pearl … Pearly finish face primer
  • “that girl” – Face primer
  • They’re Real – Mascara

Hope you like our recommendations. For all stylistas from New Delhi, India – you could try Benefit Cosmetics at the Sephora store, Select City Walk. For more information you could check out them on Facebook – Benefit Cosmetics or their website @ If you are already a Benebabe  … then do share with us your favorites  – we would love to more … and try them out too !

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Until next time !


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