Fashionably You ♥

We are often asked – what does the word “Fashion” mean to you ? … As a Stylist, a Fashion Blogger and an Individual  … Here are our thoughts on what does Fashion means to us !

Fashion is an expression of one’s inner self, personality and attitude. It’s a way to signify who you are, where you come from and what you believe in. Fashion is a form of Art and you have a white canvas to bring out your true awesomely unique style, taste, class to the world. Fashion adds to your charisma and persona. Fashion to me is a passion, a lifestyle, a tradition, an inspiration and utter happiness. It brings a smile to your face, makes you stand tall and apart, adds to your confidence and motivates you to live a life of your dreams … There are no rules in Fashion, just pure individual taste and the way you see the world. Fashion is the pure joy of living, of feeling good and wearing the clothes that you love. It’s makes life more beautiful than it actually is by making you look and feel more beautiful. There’s something incredible about looking good, dressing up and going out, of being yourself and living it up in Stunning Style!

{New Blog Post} … Living a Dream!! Coming Soon! ♥♥

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Do write back to us on what does Fashion mean to you ? Your opinions and thoughts ! We would love to know what you Stylistas think 😀

Love *SS* … Keep following Sunshine Stylista for your daily style

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