Designs, Designers, Bags and the Exhibition ♥

Did someone say Design ? … Well, yeah … WE DID !  With my never-ending desire and increasing love of finding and exploring creativity all around me … a couple of days ago I happen to stumble upon this website … Thank God For Design – and to my utter surprise this turned out to be a very interesting website. It has all the required information you needed on new designers and off beat stylish products … stuff which isn’t available at malls. Browsing through the website what grabbed my attention was the Thank God For Design exhibition held yesterday, at Eros International Nehru Place New Delhi.  So, I thought let’s probably visit this exhibition and explore more !

Now, the month end around the corner (perks of being in sales 😉 – reviews and month end pressures) … I kept on contemplating when to visit the exhibition and how to scrape out time for it … so, juggling between work and a hectic day schedule plus a sales review – I finally barely managed to make it … just in the nick of time 🙂 … And I have to say this – the minute I stepped into the exhibition venue … there was this huge smile on my face. I was so delighted, thrilled and excited to see soo many stylish, creative, awesome unique products and designs. It was a feast for my eyes ! 8559_677631545600136_1355556675_n

With the paucity of time in hand, I swiftly went from one stall to another and collected cards for everyone, spoke to some of the designers … made friends with some !  … enquired bout the products and prices. Truly enjoyed every moment of it. It actually felt like Alice in Wonderland 😀b5

So, here is a list of some the designers we loved and something which I had to buy  !

My most favorite stall was this stall named – All things Bright and Beautiful. As the name suggests … all things were actually bright and beautiful. The unique and ultra chic and stylish bags caught my attention ! …. An all time bag lover, haven’t ever come across such kind of colorful bags ever ! What set these bags apart … were the off beat shapes, designs and the use of bright color with bling ! …  They competely stand out. I absolutely loved every bag in there and wished if I could buy them all. The travel bags (have this unbiased love for big bags) were simply awesome.  Their bags are definitely o my wishlist. Priced at INR 2K to 5K  … they surely are worth a buy.

Like we say it – A statement bag is a must have !


Absolutely love this one … The shape and design is just soo chic ! The ping pongs are adorable !


This one is damn classy and sophisticated ! ♥


Color me Red or Color me Blue ? … Most likely I will get one ! We call it the aircraft bag.


What I also found interesting were the clipons made of cloth and sequences in different shapes – flowers, butterfly, heart etc. I loved the bling and the bright colors … couldn’t resist buying them. I got them to use them as broaches for my coats {Even the designer mentioned, she never thought that the clipons could be worn as a broach} … and if by any chance am unable to use them as broaches … then may be will try and use them as a bag accessory or on my paintings !


Aren’t they cute and different ? ♥♥

On our wishlist ♥ …. Photo credit : All Things Bright and Beautiful.

933972_662047600488411_1990237261_n 943498_667107436649094_2028404140_n 575362_663540697005768_1142528287_n

Our other favorite stall was by the name of Kunst clutches. A must see – just in-case you have a wedding in the family or want to buy some bright, bling, funky and colorful clutches. Really loved them all – especially the blue one.


Among all the designers and the stalls  … the ones I loved and will be exploring more are Doodlage, Fizzygoblet, Paarisha jewelry, Mitandio scarfs and Maira Handcrafted stone jewelry.  Spent all my Sunday morning checking out their Facebook pages … you too could check’em out 😀

Well, in the end I can only say … this exhibition has inspired me a lot. {Wish it was for more than just one day ! ;( … would have got all the time in the world to shop !} … Loved to see such great talented and creative people around. It was just awesome to see amazing creative talent under one roof ! Creativity at its best ! 🙂 … and when I say inspired, have been thinking of connecting my love for Fashion, Style and Art together for quite some time now !  My latest work of art will be up soon … keep watching this space for more !

Untill next time !

Have super stylish and wonderful Sunday stylistas xx

SS *Love* ♥

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