For the love of Mac, Fuchsiapink and Starbucks Coffee ♥

This is going to be our 1st beauty and product blog post ! … have been thinking for a very long time now to write on something for our beauty section. So, when we got my latest Mac Products … somehow had to write this post !

We ♥love love love and love♥ makeup … For us and we feel, make up really can really enhance your features, make you look bright and fresh and add that pop color to your face. Can take you from day to the night look with some experiments here and there.

Well, as the name of this blog post suggests I absolutely love MAC cosmetics. Call myself a Mac loyalists! … Guess, I have every single hot selling color of Mac in my make up kit.  And for the love of Starbucks coffee {Will have to do another blog post … It’s like my daily ritual to visit them and have the mochafrappuccino} … but having mentioned it in here, I took these photographs while I was at the cafe writing this blog post – Add to this is fuchsia pink my latest color of interest {Though the all time fav is Red and has to be RED}

Someone who is obsessed to know more and more on Style, Fashion, Make up and latest trends … I always had this fascination on how to get the perfect brow.  Seen so many top models and actresses having the perfect brow  and this time after a lot of research, I finally got my brow brush and the perfect eye shadow  … To my utter surprise, the results were outstanding, dramatic and really impressive.

Have a look at the stuff I got … Happy reading !


Love this the Eye shadow brush … it’s the brush which does the magic !  … The Mac #208 is small and tapered brush which helps you fill the brow area and give it a dear definition. Love the eye shadow – Brun {Satin} for filling in the brow.  It’s a beautiful natural brown color specially complimenting the Indian complexion. I even use this one on my lids when I want a nude / smokey look.The brush priced at INR 1300 is definitely worth a buy !


The other wand you see here is the used for combing the brow – MAC has a brush wand available but being a MAC loyalists … this guys gave me this from their tester kits 🙂 You too could ask them for these !

And if you don’t wish to purchase a new combing brush – here is another brilliant tip  … You could clean and re-use your old mascara brush wand as the combing brush for your brow  😀


The other color which I got is this amazing eye shadow from MAC – All That Glitters. It gives a smooth, shiny pearly finish and highlights the brow. You could also use this on your lids when you want to do nude eyes and bright RED or Pink lips. Love this buy ! ♥♥


We all need the perfect brown to the blend in the eye make up. So, here this lovely matte color Embark from MAC ! – The latest to add my collection-Love the smooth texture, blends is well and because its a bright brown making your eyes look happy 🙂


How can the look be complete without the thick black mascara … ?? This is probably the 5th or 6th time am buying this MAC mascara # Haute and Naughty Lash along with the primer # Prem + Prime … I love it for the fact that this one has 2 lash wands. One for the thin coats perfect for the day look and other for the thicker look – for the night.  A must have in your make up kit !  Don’t forget to get the primer along with it – helps add volume to the lashes.


Finally – we come to the current love and addiction ! The Fuchsia Pink – Mac Impassioned {Amplified #No – A43} is the pink I was planning to buy for ages ! … Got this under the #Back to Mac offer. Madly in love with this pink – the way  this one brightens up your face is just super awesome ! Trust me and  get this one for sure ! …  We promise compliments coming your way. Perfect for the party and night out but can also work for the day look with neutrals.  You could play around with the color if you fill your lip with the Cherry Lip Pencil from Mac # AA9. You will be amazed with the color you get. Try ti and let us know your feedback !


Complimenting your lips is the fuchsia pink from INGLOT # 698 … We absolutely love INGOT nail paints ♥


In love with pinks – so couldn’t  resist mentioning this Pro Longwear lip pencil  … Love this light pink color ! You could fill with your lips completely, goes perfect with nude pinks from max and for the mix and match look for the fuchsia pink !


♥♥ We are in love and extremely excited on our latest buys ♥♥


This picture is the inspiration for the name of this blog post – For the love of Mac, Fuchsia Pink and Starbucks coffee.

 We love #starbuckscoffee #mochafrappuccino#Maccosmetics #fuschiapink #paintednails #blogging#sunshinestylista ♥♥

Hope you like our first beauty and product blog post. With this, we promise many more – on beauty, make up, tips, latest trends and colors. Please do write in to us with your suggestions, comments and feedback. We really want to know what you think about us  – we will cherish you suggestions and feedback now and forever xoxo ♥

Wishing you a wonderful Sunday and a super stylish week ahead !

Till next time,


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