Stylish Things … We Love

We all have the this deep desire to own unique stylish things, beautiful things which stand apart … make us look pretty, stylish, chic and definitely make a statement.

I absolutely love shopping and more than shopping I love to window shop – To shop or not to shop is a really silly question :p and am sure we all go through this delimma whether we really need to buy what we want or we just have the desire to own beautiful things … but after due consideration and mind battle – I do end up shopping for the things I absolutely love and adore and have been longing for a very long time.


Here, I bring to you some of my favorite items I have picked from some really branded stores, high street markets, some well know shopping markets … some unknown small shops from India and across the globe … I have this deep desire to look for unique styles, find markets where I can get stylish things, beautiful pretty things … some expensive and some affordable value for money. I love to explore and wander to the unknown places – you never know where you can bump into a latest style trend 🙂




The latest to my add to my collection of bags … (I soo wish I could buy a bag every month:p) … This is hand embroidered colorful full of glass work … from a high street market – The famous Khan Market in New Delhi, India. I had been wanting to own this one for a very long time. I absolutely love it for its bright colors, handwork and gives me a total Indian feeling – though shopkeeper mentioned this has been imported from Afghanistan. Summers soaring in … I love to team it for an Indo- Western look with my beige shorts, black tee and Indian juties or flats.

Keep looking out for this space for more 🙂 … and please do let us know your feedback & suggestions!

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